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Fitted rooms are everywhere these days and deciding on one for yourself is a good decision. The fitted room provides utility with space and clearance and a neat and clean style. It makes it easier to clean around as well, seeing as though you needn't move it to clean behind it as it is fitted to your wall. In today's fast paced life, we are all leading fast paced lifestyles and to minimize your work load in any area is definitely something we all want to achieve so that we have more time to do the things we want to do.

The fitted room can consist of one bed and dressing cupboard or twin beds and a double cupboard or a double, queen or king sized bed with multiple cupboards. Fitted bedroom furniture has a lot of benefits and it keeps everything in order without having to worry about planning where to keep the cupboard and where to place the bed. With careful planning your room will look great. The furniture is fitted and can not be moved again and this eliminates unnecessary clutter and the annoying lack of space.

The built-in-cupboard is the main feature of fitted bedroom furniture and there is three different kinds of built-in-cupboards to choose from in the fitted furniture range. You can have the full carcase built-in-cupboard or the frame construction built-in-cupboard or the sliding door built-in-cupboard. Each of these three designs has its own benefits in terms of utility and design. Carcase built-in-cupboards are the easiest of the three to fit in with your bedroom as they are generally basic in terms of looks and design and utility and they can be dismantled quite easily for when you want to move it.

Now to have this particular cupboard installed, your room must not have sloped ceilings or chimney breast type of obstructions. You need neat, straight lines with the right amount of space and the usual type of ceiling.

For the room with sloped ceilings or peculiar obstructions, you will need the frame construction built-in-cupboard. This particular cupboard design is versatile and gives you maximum storage space. You can set the depth of this cupboard to your liking. These cupboards, however, don't include a backing panel and you will need to first prepare your room wall. They are also more complex to install and can cause a bit of hassle especially when it comes to over the bed layouts.

The sliding door built-in-cupboard, on the other hand, gives you maximum ease and space utility. These cupboards are easy to install and manage and come in handy in bedrooms that are quite small with no extra space. Another plus to this design, because it is designed for the cramped room, you can have a large mirror installed onto it and this creates the illusion of more space. You will also find that the cost of this design is a lot cheaper than the hinged door approach.

Whatever your choice, these wardrobe designs make for easy living and modernizes any room.


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