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Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

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A look at Virtual kitchen remodel programs

What are virtual kitchen remodel programs and why are they so important? Well imagine one guy coming to you to do a quote for a kitchen. He measures up the kitchen and then takes out a writing pad and starts drawing a kitchen according to what you want. Now imagine another guy also measures up the kitchen but takes out his laptop, opens a kitchen design program and starts placing kitchen units in the floor plan he designed. After he designs the kitchen he clicks on the photo realistic button and renders you a photo that looks exactly like the kitchen you dreamed of. Don't you think you will have so much more confidence in him building the kitchen. After all, you and him have already seen the outcome of the kitchen all you need now is the price.

Getting your floor plan
What can virtual kitchen remodel programs do? The programs will normally start by first asking you what finishes you want to use on your doors and panels as well as what countertops, handles and door profiles you want to use. You can also choose whether or not you want your virtual kitchen to have top mouldings or light pelmets The virtual kitchen programs will then ask you to choose the dimensions of your floor plan as well as the height of your roof. You will also be able to choose whether or not you want to do recesses in the walls and in the corner of the walls. Most programs will have their measurements in millimetres. If the programs aren't set in millimetres set it to that because it is much more accurate. The option of adding a floor or ceiling should also be available.
Kitchen cabinets
Good after you've designed the floor layout you will be able to place kitchen cabinets in the floor plan. There are many deferent types and sizes of kitchen cabinets you can choose from. Some virtual kitchen remodel programs have more options than other but there are certain cabinets that are compulsory. The sink cabinet, oven cabinet and 4 drawer cabinet is very important because you will always be using it.

Adding kitchen cabinets
You will have the option of choosing the height, width and depth of most cabinets. Some programs will ask you to drag and drop the cabinets out of your side bar onto your floor plan while others will ask you to type your dimensions into a colum and press enter to place it. I personally prefer the first. There are also virtual programs that allow you to set up your own templates for your cabinets. This is great because you don't have to change the existing cabinets each time you place them into your floor plan. You can also change the altitude under or on which you will place the kitchen cabinet. After you have placed your cabinets in your virtual kitchen you want to remodel you can add countertops, plinths and top fillers to close the space between the top of the wall cabinets and the ceiling.

2D and 3D views
When you've completed the design of your virtual kitchen don't think you're ready to remodel your kitchen yet. You still need to check if your sizes are correct. You can do this by either choosing the 2D view, which will give you the view of each wall with cabinets on, or choosing the floor plan view, which will give you a complete bird' eye view of the kitchen with measurements.

Photo realistic view
After you've checked that the measurements of the kitchen are correct and that your virtual kitchen looks exactly the way you want, you can choose the Render It Photo Realistic button. Quality programs normally gives you a 3 dimensional picture with colours, lighting and shades of your virtual kitchen.
Satisfied with your virtual kitchen? Ok time to remodel.