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Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

A look at Remodeling a galley kitchen

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

What does a galley kitchen look like
Picture of a Galley kitchen
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sink view.
Oven and sink view of a galley kitchen

So here's what a galley kitchen looks like.It's really a very simple design with
just two walls fitted with cabinets.You can decide what kitchen cabinets you
want on the walls and where you want your appliances and sink to be 
positioned.When remodeling this galley kitchen i decided to place all the
appliances on one wall and the sink with the dishwasher on the other.
This made the galley kitchen very practical and functional.If someone wanted
to access the fridge they wouldn't be bothering the person using the hotplate
or eye level oven.These things are important to think about when remodeling
a galley kitchen because the amount of space in which you can move freely
is very limited and you could be getting in someone's way while they are busy.
In the galley kitchen I also placed the fridge and the broom cabinet at the end
of the row cupboards.Imagine how out of place it would have looked if they
were placed in the middle of the wall and the hot plates at the end.Placing the
hot plates at the end of the galley kitchen counter can also be very dangerous
for people not to mention children walking by and touching it.

Creating space when remodeling a galley kitchen

One way to create space is to build tall cabinets in the galley kitchen.Tall
cabinets create tons of shelving and packing space and can store twice as
much items.This is because your average  tall cabinet is 600mm deep while
a wall cabinet is only 300mm deep and a base cabinet only 560mm.So when
remodeling a galley kitchen consider this option if you want to create more

Stay away from drawer cabinets that only have 3 drawers in.I'm talking about
a drawer cabinet with 2 small top drawers and one big drawer at the bottom.
It's fine to have one in the galley kitchen to store cutlery in but you will create
much more space if you use deeper drawer.The big 2 drawer pot drawer can
be used to store pots,pans,groceries and all sorts of other items in.Drawers
also make it much easier to acccess what is stored inside.It beats packing 
out the whole cabinet everytime you want to get something stored at the back 
of it.

If you are fortunate enough you could use an eye level oven in the galley
kitchen .This will allow you to place drawers in the kitchen instead of a under 
counter oven creating more storage space.

Remodeling a galley kitchen to style

Add one or two glass door cabinets to a galley kitchen.This will break the 
plain boring look in the kitchen.It always looks great when everything reflects
of the glass in the wall cabinets.Try and place them next to the canopy of the 
galley kitchen.This will enhance the look of that whole wall.

Bulkheads are also a great way to adding a bit of style to a galley kitchen
when remodeling it and can be fitted with downlight to light up the kitchen
counter and cabinet doors.The down lights can also be fitted inside the glass
wall cabinets and turn them into display cabinets.Just remember to fit glass
shelving in as well so the light can travel right through the cabinet.

Kitchen Counter space

While the galley kitchen has loads of packing space it was also designed
to have enough kitchen counter space to work on.I fitted one whole wall with
kitchen counters to ensure there is ample space to work on.I also placed the
sink and dishwasher on that walls design.Remember to always place your
sink under a window other wise you will look into a wall while washing the 
dishes or rinsing vegatables.In the remodeling design of this galley kitchen
i also never placed wall cabinets above the sink.If I had done that a person
would bump his/her head when using the sink.How irritating!!