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Got a small kitchen but want more storage?No Problem!

A look at Kitchen storage cabinets

- Fitt tall units in your kitchen
- Use containers to store your
  foods in to save space.
- Store items on top of your
  wall cabiets.
- Hang pots and pans against
  the wall.

How can you create storage space?

The best way to create storage space in the kitchen is to place tall cabinets or
also known as pantry or larder cabinets in your kitchen.You can place 
shelving in a pantry unit or internal drawers.Drawers is always a great thing
to place in your kitchen because it makes the objects stored in it much more
accessible and drawers leave a much more modern look.Remmember to fit
the cabinets drawers with solid melamine bottoms to prevent the bottoms
from sagging or comming loose.If you are going to use internal drawers in
the kitchen  make sure that the drawer is spaced properly so it won't
knock the doors of the cabinets.If you place a piece of wood 32mm thick on
either side of the cabinet on the inside and mount your drawer runner to that
it will leave more than enough space for the drawer to miss the doors.

Pantry cabinet sizes

Grocery cabinets can also come in deffirent widths and lenghts to fitt your 
kitchen' design.To maximise your storage space in the kitchen you can place
a double door grocery cabinet in it.Double door grocery cabinets widths start
at about 700mm - 900mm.You don't want to make the cabinets shelving to
wide otherwise the shelf will start to sag from the weight it has to carry.
The more shelves you fit in your pantry cabinet the more packing space you
will have.

Keep it tidy

You can also increase storage space by organizing your cabinet inside.This
can be achieved by storing your foods in plastic containers.When storing your
food in containers you don't only save space but make space for things you
could never fitt in the pantry cabinet.It will also make your time spent in the
kitchen much more organized because you won't end up having to look for
items when you need it.

Up on high storage

If you want to create additional storage in the kitchen you can always use the
top of your wall and tall cabinets.The space above a wall cabinet to the roof
is normaly only left open when the gap exceeds 300mm or more.This is 
because the space must be big enough to store things and you also don't
want it to look like the wall cabinet is actualy suppose to have a top filler 
between it and the ceiling.

Use a kitchen Island

If you have a big open space in the middle of the kitchen why not utilise that 
space by building a kitchen island.Kitchen islands are great to socialize
around and add plenty of storage space to the kitchen.The cabinets you build 
the kitchen island out of can be drawers,doors,wickerbaskets or just extra
shelving to pack on..

Hang'm up

The greatest benefit about this way of creating storage space is that its so
cost effective and becomming very popular as well.
If all else fails "Hang'm up".You can use your walls your roof and even your
cabinet sides to hang pots and pans up and there's no trick to it.You can use
a simple hook ,fitt it to the wall and hang your crokery on it.You can also get
hooks that are fitted to a frame hanging from the ceiling.The easiest way is to
fitt the hooks to sides of your cabinets that way you wont have to worry about
drilling straight into a wall.