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Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

A look at Kitchen remodeling supplies

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

Wood supplies to assemble your kitchen
Lets have a look at what supplies you are going to need to assemble your
kitchen. Firstly you have to decide what material you are going to use
for the carcase of your cabinets. The best and most cost effective wood
is chipboard melamine. Let's build a 1000mm floor cabinet. The standard
carcase height of a floor kitchen cabinet is 720mm and the depth is
560mm. Now you want to determine the width of the bottom, shelf and top
two kleets that will hold the cupboard together. For this you can
subtract 32mm of the total width of the floor cabinet. In other words,
if the floor cabinet width is 1000mm you will subtract 32mm off of that.
This will give you a size of 968mm. The width of your shelf supplies and
top kleet supplies will be the same, all 968mm in width. The depth will
off course differ. Make your top kleet 70mm in depth and your shelf
540mm. Aslo remember to edge one length as this is the side you will

When you are remodeling your kitchen you will also need supplies like
white masonite back board. This is to close up the back of your cabinet
to keep it square and so you don't look into an ugly wall when opening
the cabinet doors. You can cut the masonite backing 2mm smaller than the
total length and width of the floor cabinet. This will give you a size
of 998x718mm.
Hardware supplies to assemble your kitchen
The most common screws cabinet makers use for assemble supplies when
remodeling a kitchen is 6x40mm chipboard screws. Don't use those black
dry wall screws, you can't counter sink them so they never end up flush
in the side panel. Also don't use 6x30mm chipboard screws. They are to
short and don't keep your side panels attached to your bottoms and top
kleets. You can also use cams and dowels for assemble supplies but you
will have to pre- drill the holes they have to fit in. You can buy
machinery from companies like Blum but the starting price for a machine
like this is about R40000.It's worth while investing in if you are going
to go production line.

Shelf nail supplies to
Shelf nails are very popular amongst cabinet makers and probably the
easiest and most cost effective way to support a shelf in a cabinet.
There is also a very easy way to fit a shelf nail. You don't have to
messure where each shelf nail has to be hammered into the cabinet you
can just make a shelf nail template. Remodeling kitchen supplies can
either be expensive or cheap. Cheap doesn't always mean bad quality. You
just have to know what you can and cannot "go cheap on". If you had to
use a shelf stud instead of a shelf nail you would pay 10 time more for
kitchen supplies that do exactly the same thing. Plus you would have to
pre-drill the holes for the shelf stud as well . It's very easy to make
a mistake when pre-drilling holes for shelf nails. I've drilled holes
right thought a cabinet side many times before and then they were seen
sides of cabinets as well!!!

Hinges and runner supplies
Remodeling your kitchen using cheap hinges or runners is a bad idea.
This is because it's the only part of a kitchen that actually works all
the time. Products like Blum, Mepla and Ferrari are well known brands
you can trust and won't make your doors sag or drawers run skew.
Spending the extra R200-R300 more on hardware supplies when remodeling
your kitchen is well worth it and will save you allot of headaches and
come backs. I remember going back to a client three time to fix a pot
drawer that was sagging because I used a cheaper runner. This cost me
time and petrol I could've saved I had just bought a quality runner.