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A look at Kitchen remodel plans

Paper and pencil
Plan it well 

Planning your kitchen takes 3 times
longer if not more than remodeling
it.Let's have a look at what plans you
have in mind for your new kitchen 
before you remodel it.
The layout

No matter what plans you have to remodel your diy kitchen you'll first have to 
choose a floorplan.This will determine the shape in which it will be laid out
as well as the amount of space you will have to move around in.If you have
some extra space in your yard to extend the kitchen area it would be wise
to do so.This will allow you the option to build an open plan kitchen that makes
it more welcoming to cook socialize and eat in.In older houses where the 
kitchen had not been remodel yet the dinning room and kitchen is separated.
This completely shuts the person cooking away, missing out on the

Contemporary or Old school

Next you will have to decide whether you want a modern diy kitchen or one with 
more of a homy feel to it.You have to realize that fashions and trends are 
seasonal and seasons change.It's fine to choose way-out colors like orange
doors with green tiles as a backslash but remember like every other trend
it has to come to pass.Instead why not use a minimalistic design with clean
strong lines.Walls with cupboards stretching from top to bottom is something
of the past.Bi fold doors(doors that open up-ward) are much more convenient 
and allow a unhindered view of the contents in the wall cabinet.Walls have to be 
open and clean and packing space is created using design elements of glass,
stainless steel and glass shelving.Knocking down some walls and making your 
house more open plan will also create a more modern look and feel.

If your taste runs to schemes less modern you can use maple for your door 
finish.It is such a natural warm color and has been in fashion for years now.
Maple is also available in veneer and melamine.Vancouver Maple melamine
boards are almost 3 times more in demand than most of your common colors 
and will hardly ever go out of fasion.It's definitely one of my favorites and mixes
really well with mahogany and other darker colors.

Creating more light

If your kitchen is exposed to very little sunlight it might be a good idea to 
knock down a few walls and put in a few new big windows.The more open 
plan your house is the more natural light you tend to create in it. Before you
decide to remodel your diy kitchen also consider the amount of natural sunlight 
you have in your kitchen already.If the 
room is naturally dark makes plans to remove all the blinds and curtains in the 
kitchen.This will keep the room full of light during the day.Use light colored
finishes like maple and cream for your kitchen doors and panels.This will 
also help create more light in the kitchen when you remodel it.

Positioning of cabinets

Make plans to place floor cabinets in the appropriate places when you remodel
your kitchen.Eg.Place your bin cabinet near the sink so that when you're peeling
 vegetable you'll have it nearby and ready.Use a fold out bin or auto open bin as
this will keep the stench inside a closed cabinet.You can also place a drawer
near the sink with a removable insert.You can use it to collect all the vegetable
peels and empty it when it's full.A great way to make your own compost and 
great for the environment too.

When you remodel your diy kitchen you want everything to have it's place. 
Whether it's a contemporary or traditional kitchen you can still make it look 
clean and  bright and a joy to work in.

Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.