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Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

A look @ kitchen Islands

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

Free standing mobile kitchen island with chopping block
Kitchen Islands are a great asset to your kitchen.They provide extra seating and storage space as well as enlarging counter space to work on.You place wicker baskets in kitchen islands as well as shelves and drawers.Kitchen islands can be mobile or fixed in the kitchen.The mobile kitchen islands can be used almost anywhere,.Inside by the television or outside by the barbecue area.If you're planning to move around often kitchen islands with wheels would be a better investment than the kitchen islands with just legs.
Fixed kitchen Islands
Big Fixed kitchen island with pot drawers, granite and chairs
Benefits of fixed kitchen Islands

Just imagine this kitchen without the fixed kitchen island.The kitchen would be so much smaller not to mention the countertop space and cabinet space you gain.Kitchen islands is a great way to gain functionality in the kitchen.Placing prep-bowls on kitchen islands isn't uncommon.Prep-bowls are great when preparing vegetables and other foods for cooking and having a prep-bowl right behind you by the stove makes it easily accesable.Before building kitchen islands remember to mark out where the water point for the prep-bowl as well as the waste pipe will be.Kitchen islands should be built at least 900mm-1200mm from the nearest fixed object like a wall or another countertop.

Fixed Kitchen islands should also have seating space.This will turn your kitchen into a entertainment area and help keep the chef company when cooking.The seating in kitchen islands shouldn't be near the oven or sink but positioned in the kitchen so that traffic flows freely.Kitchen islands could either have a dropped 710mm high countertop or the normal 870mm high countertop for the visitor to sit at.

Fixed kitchen islands are also a great way to gain cabinet space in the kitchen.Placing drawers in kitchen islands is in my opinion one of the greatest ways because drawers make the items stored in kitchen islands much more easily accesible.You just open the drawer and take out the item.No unpacking anything to get to the items at the back of the cabinet plus drawers leave a much better and more modern look on kitchen islands.

Wicker baskets are also a great way to store vegetables in kitchen islands.Wicker baskets come in different sizes and colors that can match the exact style and color of kitchen islands.Wicker baskets also breaks the plain look of kitchen islands that normally just have cabinet doors and drawers and allows for a more versatile appearance.