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Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

A look @ kitchen floorplans

Etimo finished melamine kitchen

There are a couple of important factors to remember when doing the floorplan of your kitchen designs like placing your sink under the window of the kitchen, placing your bin and dishwasher near the sink and placing the oven ,sink and fridge in a triangular position in the kitchen.


We can go into more detail about that later but first....let's have a look at the different kitchen floorplans you can create.
U - Shape kitchen floorplans
U shape kitchen floor plan

In the kitchen floorplan above you will see that the floorplan is shaped in a U shape.This kitchen floorplan has allot of free flow space so that people using the kitchen can move more freely.

Notice that the sink in the kitchen floorplan is under the window of the kitchen design. It's much better to have a view than to look into a wall. The kitchen floorplan was also designed so that the space between the oven ,sink and fridge is wide ,creating more space to move freely in the kitchen. The floor plan also has a dishwasher and bin near the sink.If you really don't have space on the floor in the kitchen for your bin, you can always leave it outside. The ideal kitchen floorplans would have a scullery designed in as well but for that you would obviously need more space in the house. Now that's the ultimate kitchen designs.

Be careful,children like to climb

If you have children make sure that not to design your kitchen floorplans with 4 drawers next to the oven.Children tend to see the 4 drawer handles as a stairway to heaven and if you have a hot plate burning or even cooling down they could burn their hands.

U shape kitchen floorplans can be designed to turn left or right depending on how your house is designed.The ideal way to go about it would be to do the kitchen floorplans first and them build the house.That's right,build the house around your kitchen.This is off course not always possible but one of the ways to get your dream kitchen.

Galley kitchen floorplan
Galley kitchen floorplan

In these kitchen floorplans the galley kitchen has a row of kitchen cupboards on two walls opposite one another.The sink , dishwasher and fridge is normally placed on the one wall and the oven on the opposite wall in the kitchen design.When the kitchen floorplans are drawn up remember not to place the oven directly opposite the sink or fridge.If you are cooking you don't want to be disturbed by someone washing dishes or grabbing something out the fridge.

Kitchen floorplans must also include a broom cupboard.The broom cupboard in the kitchen floorplan above is placed at the end of the row kitchen floor cabinets.This is a rule when drawing up floorplans for a kitchen.Don't place a tall unit in the middle of a row floor cabinets always end kitchen floor cabinets off with a tall cabinet.This will make the kitchen look more uniform.

Again,place the sink under the window and the bin and dishwasher next to the sink.Remmember,if the floorplans of the kitchen are poorly planned,the kitchen won't be as functional and it could actually make your time spent in the kitchen unbearable.

L - Shape kitchen floorplans
L shape kitchen floor plan

L shape kitchen floorplans are one the most common shaped floorplans you get.People love these kitchen floorplans because they create allot of space. These floorplans also make the kitchen look and feel more spacious and allow you to place kitchen islands in the floorplans.

In the floorplans above you will notice that the fridge was removed next to the back door and replaced with the broom cupboard.The reason for that is because you use the fridge much more than the broom cupboard and if some one is using the fridge it will block another from going out the back door or coming in for that matter.

Sink and plug points

When planning your kitchen floorplan remember that it is important to measure out and plan exactly where you will place your plug points and water points on the kitchen wall in your kitchen designs.

Let's take the fridge point for instance.To do this you will measure the distance from the corner of one wall in the kitchen to where the fridge point will be.You will then make a mark on that wal of the kitchen.To determine the height at which you will place that point make a mark 1000m(1 meter)above the ground on the wall.As easy as that.You now have the exact position where you will place the fridge' plug point in your kitchen floorplans.

Repeat this action for all the other plug points as well as the water point for your sink ,dishwasher and washing machine if you want one in the kitchen.

Remember to first do these steps before doing anything else in the kitchen floorplans.You will only plan where you want your kitchen cabinets after you've followed these steps because you have to build your cabinets around the plug and water points.

Now that your kitche design in complete you are now ready to build your kitchen.