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Why use our kitchen fitters to install your cupboards? Let's first look at the difference between an experienced fitter and a beginner. We will call the professional installer "Pro" and the beginner installer "Novice".

Trial and error = experience One of the first things that gives the pro the upper hand is trial and error. The pro has already paid his school fees on someone else's cupboards. For instance. When you start fitting kitchens you would first need to know how to design one. If you didn't leave side fillers and top fillers for allowance you are in big trouble. Why? Because the ceiling, walls and floor is always skew. Not sometimes...always. As a matter of fact a good fitter depends on the walls being skew. That's why he leave a space between the walls and the side of the cupboards. He will fill that space with a piece of wood later. A Pro will measure the kitchen very accurately making sure he has every bit of detail of the kitchen on paper. If there is anything in the kitchen or bedroom he has to work around like a DV board , plug or pipe he will make sure he knows exactly how far it's situated from the walls and floor. After all you don't want to start installing your kitchen cupboards and realize that your cupboards are lined up directly above a DV board or water pipe. Thankfully I've never endured that pain but I have taking the wrong measurements where the cupboards I've built don't fit into the space where I've measured. Now that was a head and a huge waste of time. It's one thing cutting the cupboard smaller but a complete other thing cutting the doors and drawer fronts smaller. Why? Because the doors are edged with deferent edging compared to cupboard carcass's. A doors edging can have impact edging on it that is edged onto the door with a special machine. Impact edging can be glued on with Gemkem by hand but it wastes allot of time. One of the edgings you can't glue on is devon edging. The machine that does that actually uses a router and routers away the superwood. But enough of doors and fillers. Let's move forward.

Level your kitchen cupboards If your kitchen cupboards aren't level your doors won't fit properly on the cupboards. Your drawer fronts will stay skew no matter what you do and eventually you will think it's the cupboard itself that isn't square. Well it's not. Not everybody can level a cupboard. It's quite an art because you have four adjustable legs that you use to level the cupboard. Every time you adjust the leg it either move the door of the cupboard forward, backwards, up or down. And you thought it was just the hinge that did that. Surprise! There is an easy way to solve this problem and the Pro will know about this method. Click here and look at the picture that's heading reads "Sloping to the left down by 10mm". You wil see that the level is resting on a white plank. Us kitchen fitters called it a kleet. That is the piece of melamine you will be resting the back of your cupboards on to to line them up without any effort. If you've done this right you'll only need to adjust the front two legs

Top fillers and finising touches They way I can easily see if a Pro or Novice kitchen fitter installed a kitchen is by the quality of the top fillers and theneatness of the silicone work. When I said it's an art to level a kitchen I meant it but if a fiiter claims he is realy good look at how tight he cuts his side fillers and top fillers. A Novice normaly leaves huge gaps between the ceiling and top filer or between the wall and the side filler. So big that he has to use allot of Painters mate or Silicone to fill that gap. The reason thei quality looks like that is'nt because they're rushing a job or trying to take shortcuts. It's because they havent learned the correct and easy way to cut fillers. The obviouse way that the Novice uses is actualy the hard way. There is a much easier way and the Pro knows that way. This allows him to cover far more work than the Novice and without effort.

In conclusion These are but a view reasons why you should'nt use novice kitchen fitters to do big jobs. What I did'nt mention was that they could also cost you allot of money if they damage the kitchen. After all they are still learning. If you are building your dream kitchen and spending thousands of rands on it would'nt you want to know that you've placed the work in a competent kitchen fitters hands. Remember that your kitchen will only look as good as the fitter you use.


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