Kitchen drawer cabinets


Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

A look at Kitchen drawer cabinets

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

Access your cabinet using easy to install cabinet handle. Have an equipped tool kit for quality repairs.
600mm wide Kitchen Drawer Cabinets
diy kitchen drawer cupboard
Why are kitchen drawer 
cabinets important and why 
are they becoming more 
and more in demand?

Let's see

- Easy access to items stored
- Drawer runners don't drop 
  the drawer fronts as easy as
  hinges drop doors.
- Drawers leave cleaner lines
  in the kitchen.
In this section you are going to learn how to build a 2 drawer kitchen cabinet 
600mm wide.You will learn how to assemble the drawers, how to fit the runners 
and where to possition the drawers on the inside of the cabinets. If you don't 
yet know how to assemble a kitchen cabinet carcase you can go to the build 
your own kitchen cabinets page. It's the same concept all you have to do is 
remove the shelf in the cabinet and add 2 drawers.

If you can build a 2 drawer cabinet you will be able to build any drawer cabinet
. The concept is the same for all drawers. The only thing you will need is the 
measurements and that will be given to you on my site.

Ok. Now that you have seen the end product let's start at the beginning.
Remmember this section doesn't cover building the carcase of the kitchen 
drawer cabinet. You can find it on the building your own kitchen cabinet page.
How does our drawer cabinet fit together
Exploded view

If you look at the exploded 
view of the kitchen cabinet
you will see how all the pieces
of the carcase as well as the 
drawers fit together. 

- If you can't make
  out what piece goes where 
  you can reffer to the first 

Assemble the drawers with runners
It's very simple to assemble a
drawer box . You will basically 
be building a box and fitting
drawer runners to it.

Sizes for drawer box

- Sides : 500Lx220H (The 
  drawer runners will be fitted
  to them.
- Front&backs : 509Lx220H
  (L=Length and H=height)
- Solid bottom : 509Lx468H
Start with drawer cabinet assembly
Step 1.
Exploded view

The design to the left is an
exploded view of the drawer.

If you're wondering which sides
of the drawer pieces must be
edged you can just edge one
long side. You won't be able 
to see any of the widths of the 
drawer pieces.

Note: You don't have to edge
           the solid bottom of the 
           drawer because you will
           be fixing it to the inside
           of the drawer.
The reason kitchen pot drawer cabinets have a solid bottom is because this
kind of drawer carries much more weight than a normal cutlery drawer. 

The main two heavy duty drawer runners that are on the market is the 30kg and 
60kg. As you've guested the 30kg can hold 30kg of weight and the 60kg can
hold 60kg.A Pot drawer is normaly used to store pots, pans and other crockery
in. All though the pot drawer' main function is to store these items people also 
use it to store groceries and other items in.
Step 2.

Fix back part

Start by fixing the back part of
the drawer to the bottom of the 
the drawer box. You can fix it
to the bottom with a 6x40mm
chipboard screw.

Note: Remmember to fix the 
          back drawer part against
          the bottom and not on
          top of it.
Step 3.

Fix front part

You can now fix the front of the 
drawer box to the bottom of the 

Note: Remmember to make 
          sure all the sides and 
          corners line up with one
          another perfectly.
Step 4.

Fix side parts

You can now fix the sides of the
drawer box to the bottom of the 
drawer as well.
Step 4.

Fix drawer runners

 You can fix the drawer runners
 to the side of the drawers by
 holding them flush to the front
 of the drawer and flush with
 the bottom of the drawers.

Note: The drawer runners used
           here are extention 
           runners and can extend
           much further than normal
           wheel runners.
Step 4.

Fix drawers to cabinets

 As you can see the bottom
 drawer is fix against the side
 of the kitchen drawer cabinet
 on the bottom of the cabinet.
 The top kitchen drawer is fixed
 330mm from the bottom of the
 cabinet up. This will allow the
 gaps above each drawer to
 be the same.

And that's how you build kitchen drawer cabinets. Remmember
if you can build a 2 drawer cabinet you will be able to build all
the other one as well.