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Replacing Kitchen Cupboard Doors | Wrap doors | Chipboard | MDF | Supawood

                          Welcome to our doors section. Here we will explain the benefits of the range doors
                 we manufacture. We manufacture wrap doors for kitchens, bedroom and bathroom cupboards.
                  Our impact edged doors come in deferent thicknesses for strength and durability. We also do 
                               standard pvc edged doors  for clients who want a more cost effective option.

               The lead time for manufacturing our kitchen and bedroom cupboard doors is 10 working days.
Where are wrap doors used?

PVC Wrap doors have many benefits that melamine kitchen chipboard doors don't have. One of the main
uses of wrap doors is on bathroom vanities. Wrap doors are to a certain extent water resistant and can 
handle allot of moisture before water draws into the supawood. 

What are wrap doors made of?

Wrap doors are made of supawood. The supawood then gets routed with a profile and edge on the outside of 
the door, them gets covered with a vinyl that is melted over the supawood and glued on. Below is a picture of 
how we melt the vinyl over the supa-wood to make the kitchen cupboard doors.

Is wrap doors cheaper than duco spray doors?

The going rate for duco high gloss spray per square is about R1200 per square meter to spray. PVC 
high-gloss wrap doors cost about R600 per square. That means you're paying double for the same look.
PVC wrap doors are also much more sacrificial than duco spray kitchen doors and so don't scratch as
easy and if you scratch the wrap door you can still polish it out.

Image paying that much for your kitchen and it's starts to get all those scratches on it. And what's worse you 
can't even polosh the scratches out. Once the kitchen cupboard door is scratched it's scratched.

Useful information about kitchen doors

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Chipboard melamine doors

Chipboard cupboard doors are one of the most common kitchen doors you get
in houses these days. A chipboard door is a flat panel door with no shape or
profile in the center of the door. Big companies like NovaLaminates and PG
Bison  supply chipboard  in a wide range of colors. Nova boards have grain
you can actually feel when you rub your hand over the board and is called
a Alpine or Royal board eg. Cherry Royal. PG Bison on the other hand has a 
board that is just smooth.The boards can either be used for doors or panels
to panel up the kitchen cabinet side so its the same color as the doors.

You can't router the edge of flat panel chipboard doors because the 
chipboard will break apart and leave a rough finished edge.This is why 
companies only use MDF Supawood to make Devon doors and other popular 
cabinet doors where the edge of the door is routed out.

Flat panel chipboard doors on the other hand can be much tougher than MDF
doors despite the fact that mdf is more dens and compressed than the 
chipboard.If you use 1mm,2mm or 3mm high impact edging on the cabinet
doors your doors will handle much more punch and you will get allot of
mileage out of them.High Impact edged doors are not like your normal PVC
renolit edging you get on the carcasses of the kitchen.This edging is so strong
the doors can even be dropped and the edging will still stay on.If you have kids
this edging is highly recommended for your kitchen cabinet doors.

MDF melamine doors

Mdf or Supawood melamine doors are also very common in kitchens these 
days.The thing most people get confused about when talking about mdf or 
melamine is thinking you get either melamine doors or mdf doors.The thing 
is that you  get mdf melamine cabinet doors as well as chipboard melamine 
cabinet doors. The melamine is actually just the color with which the mdf or
chipboard is coated with.

Mdf melamine doors can be made up in shaker doors or flat panel doors.
Below is a picture of a kitchen cabinet with a shaker door on it.

You will see that the doors inside panel in recessed back while the frame of
the door stays the same.Shaker doors are one the most expensive doors you
can buy for a kitchen cabinet because there is so much work done to the door 
to get it the way it is. Specialy if it's a wrap door.

MDF Vinyl wrap doors

Vinyl wrap doors are also made of supawood because the mdf has to be
routed to get the patterns on the kitchen cabinet doors.Vinyl wrap doors for
a kitchen cabinet can be made in a flat panel,shaker or raised panel door.
Raised panel cabinet doors are doors where the inside panel of the doors
is same level as the frame but a groove devides the two.

Below is a picture of raised panel kitchen cabinet doors.
Wrap doors can be made up with almost any pattern on the center of the door.
The pattern can be arched , the corners can be beveled and the entire pattern
can be change to what ever makes the door look good.As long as it doesn't
make the cabinet door look to busy you can hang it in the kitchen. Wrap doors
can also come in deferent finishes.

If your kitchen is very dark inside and there isn't much natural light you can go
for a light vancouver maple color.Making the cabinet doors of your kitchen a
light color will also make your kitchen lighter and brighter.On the other side if 
your kitchen indeed does have enough natural light coming through big
windows you can go for a Wenge vinyl wrap color or a mahogany vinyl wrap.

Vinyl wrap cupboard doors are also great to use in bathrooms because the
moist doesn't effect it. The edges of the doors also doesn't come loose as 
easily as it does with pvc edged chipboard doors.
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