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Kitchen Designs......................................... The design layout of a kitchen is one of the biggest reasons some kitchens aren't functional. If your fridge is placed by the entrance of the kitchen and that entrance is less than a meter wide it causes traffic jams. Your sink should also be placed under a window. You don't want to stare into a wall while washing dishes. A great feature to use when you want to drip dry your dishes and at the same time make it look neat is to install a wall unit drip dry tray. The drip tray fits into a 600mm or 900mm wall unit and can be closed off with cupboard doors. Spending a bit more money on your kitchen can make life really easy for you. There are many feature you can add to your kitchen than are cheaper than you think. By installing wicker baskets and rollerrs shutter in your kitchen we create the perfect enviroment for you to feel out of town. We use state of the art spray tecniques to make the paint effect in your country kitchen look 20 years old with a brand new look.

Spice up your life...................................... Having a spice drawer or rack in your kitchen will make life really pleasurable. The spice drawer is usually placed near the stove to gain quick and easy access to you spices while you're cooking. Spices can be stored in a spice drawer that easily pulls out of kitchen cupboards on runners. Spice trays are placed inside a drawer. The spices are then laid down with the labels facing upward to identify the deferent spices. There is also the cupboard door mount spice rack. This rack is mounted onto the inside of the cupboard door.

Sinks and Mixer........................................ There is also a wide range of sinks and mixers available on the market. One of the most exquisite looking sinks is the under mount sink o also called the under slung. The under slung sink is available in a single and double and is mounted underneath the granite counter tops, Caesar stone, Sirino tops or what ever worktops you are going to use in your kitchen. Formica counter tops cannot be used here as the risk of water getting into contact with the core of the countertop is too high. Your mixer tap will be mounted on the granite tops itself and not on the sink. Another great accessory to have in your kitchen is a countertop scale. The stainless steel counter top scale has a really sleek look to it and lays flush with the counter top' level.

Soft close drawers................................... For the more contemporary kind of person the soft close drawer would be the perfect accessory in their kitchen. The soft close drawer comes with may accessories like drawer dividers, gallery rails, inserts and cutlery trays just the mention a few.

Bin units.................................................... Pull out bins are your most common bins used in the kitchen. The pull out bin not only hides behind a cupboard door but also stores a whopping 45L worth of rubbish. You only need to empty it once every few days and what's better is that because the pull out bin is stored in a cupboard the kitchen doesn't smell. Well there yo have it! Just some of the accessories we provide that makes spending time in your kitchen a breeze.


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