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DIY Kitchen Cupboards - DIY Kitchen Remodeling - Kitchen Units


DIY Bedroom Cupboards
DIY Kitchen Cupboards

While professional diy kitchen remodeling fitters can save you time and effort,you can also do it your self if you're up for the challenge.In this section I'm going to show you how to remodel a small kitchen step by step but let's first look at the benefits of installing your own kitchen cupboards as well as if a diy kitchen remodeling fitter should do it.

Do it yourself Vs Kitchen remodeling Contractors

> You will save the money that you can spend on your kitchen instead of spending it on the labor fees and organizing fees of a diy kitchen remodeling company.

> You can do it in your own time without having the hassles of kitchen contractors rocking up early at your house and making a noise or contractors not pitching for work at all and delaying the lead time to finish your kitchen.

> If anything ever breaks in the kitchen you will know how to fix it quickly because you were the one who installed your kitchen.It's sometimes difficult to have a kitchen remodeling contractor come back to fix something.

> You will be able to remodel a kitchen for other people and make a buck if you need it.

> You won't have to worry about contractors running away with your money.

> You will score big points with your wife building her dream kitchen and live happily ever after!

Let's begin the project

The first thing we are going to need to do is to measure the space where we want to remodel our new diy kitchen cupboards in.Remember to measure every bit of the kitchen where you are going to place cabinets and countertops in.You also have to measure the height of the roof to know how big you want your topfiller also well as how height you want your wall cabinets and tall cabinets to be. If you've never measured up a kitchen you can learn how to do it here. Did your measuring?Double checked it?Great!Time to move forward.Next let's remove the existing kitchen if you haven't already done it. Tip:If you can use your existing cabinets or some of it it will save the time it will take to assemble and install them as well as save you money. If you do decide to remove all the kitchen cupboards and do a complete kitchen remodeling project make sure that you remove everything from the walls and floors.You don't want any obstructions when you're placing your cabinets against the walls or on the floors yourself.Make sure that you do sweep all of the dust off the floor so that the cabinets are completely spotless underneath.

Finally!Let's start building!

kitchen remodel completed

For our first do it yourself kitchen cupboards pretoria project we are going to build a simple straight kitchen.

This type of kitchen is called a straight kitchen because it lines up straight against one wall with out an island or breakfast counter.This kitchen has everything you need for it to function properly and still look good.Now what would it need to make it a functional kitchen?Well you need to place your broom somewhere ,you need to wash your dishes,you need to cook,you need to throw your rubbish away,you need to wash your clothes and you need to grab a cold coke out the fridge.Those are pretty much the most important things needed in a kitchen to make it a fully functional kitchen.

Let's look at an over view of the kitchen we are going to build.

I'm first going to show you have to build a kitchen then when you've got "the thirst" for it I'll teach you how to make up and assemble cabinets giving you all the sizes you would need to build base cabinets with doors on ,drawers cabinets(very easy!!) and even spice drawers.Remodeling your kitchen cupboards by doing it yourself is actually very easy.You just need to be guided and that's what I'm going to be....your personal "do it yourself kitchen remodeling guide".

Stage 1.

Check the level of the ground.

kitchen remodel level floor

Do this to see which side the floor slopes down to.
It's quite important to do this when remodeling your kitchen cupboards yourself because most adjustable legs(150mm high) can only adjust longer not shorter.
Place a straight edge(the silver long object) on the floor first.This is because you very rarely get a level that is 2m long.Then place your level on top of the straight edge. Let's say that this kitchen is 150mm away from the floor on the right but on the left side of the kitchen it slopes down to 160mm.
Look in the next picture to see what I mean.

Sloping to the left down by 10mm
kitchen remodel check ground level

As you can see I placed a cleat(the white long thin plank running along the wall)under 150mm against the wall.this will be to place the diy kitchen cupboards on and will also line them up perfectly.The side where it says 160mm is where the floor is sloping down 10mm.The reason why the cleat covers a length of 3200mm is because of the length the floor cabinets will cover in between the fridge and washing machine.Look at the picture below and add up the totals of the floor units to get 3200mm. Note: Remember chip board comes in a length of 2750mmx1830mm. This means you will have to add two pieces together to cover that length against the wall. The reason you use a cleat to place your floor cabinets on is because the kitchen cabinets will all line up straight against the wall when you are remodeling the kitchen.

Measurements of the kitchen
kitchen cabinet dimensions

Remember to leave a space of 650mm for the fridge.Although the width of a fridge is 600mm you always have to leave a space so that you can get it in and out of that gap as well as for ventilation. Also in the picture the broom cupboard is on the end of the row units.Well it would look kinda funny if the diy broom cupboard was in the middle of the wall...don't you think.In the next figure you can see the cleat in a 3d view just so that you and I are on the same page. Talking about 3d views check the design a kitchen page.

Level the kitchen
level the kitchen
The yellow thing on the cleat is my "home drawn level".Always check that the cleat is 100% level.Do it and save yourself the effort of having to take the diy kitchen cupboards of the wall and re-leveling the kitchen.
This is probably the most important thing you will do in a kitchen.Always make sure your cleats are level.If not, your doors and drawers won't be level.
Install the first diy kitchen cabinet
install the diy kitchen cabinet

Ok,let's remodel our diy kitchen cupboards and put our first unit in place.

This is a 2 drawer pot drawer.Pot drawers always have to have a solid drawer bottom so that the weight of the pots and pens don't make the bottom warp down.Making your pot drawer with a hardboard bottom is the worst thing you can do.Also don't fit a wheel runner on the pot drawer.Use a ball bearing runner or also known as a extension runner.These runners carry allot more weight and don't slip of the track like a wheel runner.You can use a 500mm runner for your drawer units(drawer units and base units are all 560mm deep x 720mm high). If you want to the size of the front part of the drawer of the inside you just subtract 91mm off the width of the outside dimention of the cabinet.You don't have to buy diy units you can do it yourself.

Install the kitchen cabinets along the kleet
install the other kitchen cabinets

After you placed the diy 2 pot drawer on the cleat line up the other base units next to that unit.Make sure that all the units are flush with one another at the top ,bottom and front.Oh yes!In the pictures I use units with doors on when building the kitchen.This is because if you have your door on the unit and you try to level it you will immediately see if the unit is out of square or not level.You will pick it up because the door will be skew on the unit.Try it out and see.The cleat at the back cuts your work of leveling the kitchen in half because now you don't have to level the back legs.You just have to adjust them down unlit they touch the ground.

Finished measurement view of the kitchen designs
complete kitchen cabinet dimensions

I like showing pictures in a complete view that way you always have the finished product before you.In the pervious do it yourself kitchen remodeling project design you will see that the row of diy kitchen cupboards ended at the 800mm sink unit.To continue remodeling the kitchen you will have to leave a 650mm gap for the washing machine and then mount a broom cabinet next to that gap.Make sure the broom cabinet is level before mounting it against the wall yourself.Next you can install the 450mm wall cabinet against the broom cabinet and wall.You can then continue by installing the wall cabinets on the other side of the window yourself aswell.Make sure to leave the same size gap on both sides of the window.

You just finished your first diy kitchen remodeling project and you did it all by yourself. You are welcome to send me photo's of your own kitchen remodeling projects. I would be happy to see the system working for others.

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