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Having a country kitchen, is having another family room in your home, it is not just a space to prepare meals. With its antique furniture and homely look, you're home in your country kitchen. Your family will want to gather because of the relaxed and inviting atmosphere that your kitchen oozes. A room to enjoy with the people you love and social moments are made even more memorable in your country kitchen.

Now to get started on your very own country kitchen you will need natural materials and rustic furnishings with earthy toning. You will want to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. The use of open shelving and glass doors on your kitchen cupboards for the display of antique earthenware, glass jars, well this is the country look. Even having your own pots and pans made of cast iron or copper, etc will definitely fit your country kitchen to a "T".

Cabinets can be natural wood or painted wood, the counter tops should be finished with ceramic tiles, stone, hand-painted tiles or marble and for the floor a choice of wood, stone, brick, terra cotta tiles, etc will round your country kitchen off beautifully.

Now when it comes to color, less is more. Earthy tones as well as white are the country kitchen look. For effect blues, greens and red can spruce this look up, but stick to the fairer colors for the features, such as your counter top.

Last but not least, the walling can be decorated with wall paper and stenciling is often used to give one's country kitchen uniqueness, especially around windows and where walls and ceiling meet. This is the rustic look and thus the country kitchen look.

One of the favorite features in the country kitchen is the kitchen island. It is a necessity in the country kitchen and will add value to your home. The kitchen island is definitely popular, not only in country kitchens, but in all kitchens. So if space allows for it then don't hesitate to add an island to your kitchen.

When furnishing your country kitchen keep it simple. Your shelving already has the antique look so do the same for the rest of the décor. Use antiques in your kitchen. Imperfections in your décor like broken bits and scratches make it all the more intriguing. Antique décor is the key to decorating your country kitchen and will make this room beautiful.

Planning is important so take your time, dig into your creativity and make sure you do a lot of research. Compare other country kitchens with one another and find what you like. Add ideas that reflect your own personality and in doing so you will have created a room that reflects you as a person and makes this room all the more special to you. An environment where a piece of yourself is always present. Now begin to enjoy this space, your family will.

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