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Why most people fail when designing a kitchen.

A look at the cost to remodel a kitchen

I call it the Ready,Aim,Fire theory.Most people just want to Fire when building a kitchen.They don't put thought,planning and preparation into the designing of the kitchen.The sad thing about that is IF THEY FAIL TO PREPARE THEY ARE PREPARING TO FAIL.

What determines the cost

The cost to remodel a kitchen will depend on the materials you use as well as what hardware and worktops you put in. Drawer's hardware and countertops is one of the things that push's up the cost of a kitchen. If you want to save money you can place big wall cabinets and base cabinets in the kitchen and instead of using granite you can fit the kitchen with formica countertops.
Most people would like to have granite in their kitchen but don't always have the budget for it. One thing you can do is to fit your kitchen with formica countertops and spend the bulk of your money on the kitchen. This way you will be able to place more drawers and better hardware in the kitchen. This will not only make your kitchen look better but more practical and functional. When you get some more money you can always remove the formica countertops and replace it with granite.

Cabinet you can do without
There are certain kitchen cabinets that you have to have in a kitchen for example: A drawer unit is important for your cutlery, dishcloths, soupspoons etc. A sink unit is also one you can't leave out as well as a under counter oven unit. You don't necessarily need to have a broom cabinet when you remodel a kitchen. You can make the space where the fridge goes a bit bigger and place your broom and mop next to the fridge. The fridge itself also doesn't need to have a housing around it you could just leave a gap to place the fridge in and so saving on the cost of the kitchens. The fridge housing unit will cut the cost of the kitchen down allot because the upright panels next to the fridge that keep the wall cabinet above the fridge in place are big and is also the color of the door of the kitchen.

Hardware you should use
The quality of hardware can also push up the cost of a kitchen. Don't try to save a penny on the kitchen by skimping on the hardware. If you use a cheap hinge and the doors fall of you will have to pay for a new door and a hinge. Mepla, Blum, Rocco and Ferrari are some of the trustworthy brands I would recommend you use. The cost of their hardware is more than others but the quality is so much better and it's also so much easier to use. With kitchen hardware you really do get what you pay for. Between the above mentioned I would say Rocco is your more exquisite range and people who buy this brand want to push the cost of their kitchen up a bit but Blum,Mepla and Ferrari are very affordable brands with endless benefits. Remodel your kitchen with this hardware and you won't go wrong.

Finishes in the kitchen
The most cost effective way the remodel a kitchen and give it a color is using melamine chipboard. You can buy Melamine chipboard in sheets of 2750mmx1830mm giving you about 5 square meters per board to work with. Melamine chipboard can only be edged with pvc or impact edging that is glued onto the chipboard. You can also use veneer chipboard which is 0.5mm veneer wood glued onto the surface of the chipboard to make the chipboard look like real wood. This board though isn't very cost effective in a kitchen and would normally be used as panels for a solid door kitchen. Solid wood is one of your most expensive finishes you can use in a kitchen and could cost a round about four times the price of melamine chipboard. Your average standard solid wood kitchen will cost you about R60000 so be ready for quote when it comes.

There are many more ways to cut the cost in the kitchen when you remodel it just remember to make your time spent in the kitchen more comfortable. Most people just want to have good looking kitchen but if it's not practical it won't be a pleasure to work and spend time in. The kitchen is becoming the focal point in the house and people are spending a lot more time in the kitchen whether they cook, eat or entertain.

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