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What is a contemporary kitchen? It is a style of kitchen and this style can be divided into three sub-styles. A contemporary kitchen has the clean-edged, streamlined, symmetrical look. The main objective when designing the contemporary kitchen is to keep the overall focus on function rather than form. Plenty of open spaces create the right look. The following sub-styles each have their very own concept on how to put it all together, taking into consideration the features such as the counter, cabinets, appliances and flooring.

"Function" - You are the chef of your kitchen and by chef I mean that this kitchen will have the feel of a restaurant kitchen in that it won't be filled with décor or over the top embellishments, instead you will find it focuses mainly on making the area more useful than usual. The décor of this kitchen is to serve the needs of the chef. The main function of the contemporary kitchen is to serve your basic needs first, cooking and preparation. With industrial grade appliances, storage cabinets, bins, drawers and easy to clean surfaces all made from durable and long term materials. This is the décor of the contemporary kitchen.

"Keeping it simple"- Simplicity is very important in the overall look of the contemporary kitchen and therefore one of our sub-styles. Clean counter, open spaces, symmetrical lines, colors of black, grey and white all form the décor of this kitchen. This kitchen is made for function. And while looking good it will also make it easier to work in as its purpose is to serve as a work station. The look of steel, glass and tile without the colorful embellishments is all the contemporary kitchen needs. So we wont be having extras in the way causing clutter and creating chaos. It is quick and easy to clean and will always look good and tidy because of its lack of "décor". This kitchen is in one word, sleek.

"Making it homely"- Now this is where you can make it your own. With its clean and functional look and feel making it the norm of contemporary kitchens you will also want to add your own touch. For example, instead of tiles or concrete flooring, try wooden flooring, there are various types and shades. And for your counter tops why not go with granite, also in various colors. Your kitchen is beautiful and though you've added your own homely look to your contemporary kitchen, you have also managed to maintain its clean and functional look. A kitchen not only pleasing to the eye, but now it also makes for a feature in your home. Just one look at this kitchen is all the invitation you'll need to come in make yourself at home.

You will find that contemporary kitchens are the norm these days and the above sub-styles put it all together into one beautiful, functional finish. It not only has its functionality but you've also added your own homely look to it while maintaining its simplicity.

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