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Built In Cupboards in Cape Town & Gauteng



Welcome to our built in cupboard section.

We provide a service where we install built in cupboards in Johannesburg and in Cape Town.

If you don't have a plan for your bic's we provide a design service where we use kitchen designs software to virtually build the cupboard exactly the way you want it. Our prices are very affordable putting money back in your pocket in these tough times. Our representives will find out what your exact needs are and make it fitt you pocket.

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See how we install your built in cupboards

Built in Cupboards in high gloss wrap finish alt=

We've built this site on our web site to show our clients the way we install built-in cabinets to ensure that they are able to gain in confidence within our workmanship. Aside from doing built-in cabinets for the clients we sell diy bic's for individuals who're up for that challenge at our Cape Town and Johannesburg branch. Read this section and drop us an e-mail for those who have questions.

Before photo's of built in cupboards
Before photo of built in cupboards
Before photo of built in cupboards without doors

As you can tell it had been clearly here we are at upgrading. These cabinets should have had the experience for 25 years or even more. Obviously they was the ages despite the fact that these were nailed along with panel hooks.

Remove the old built in cupboards
Removel of old built in cupboards

Our client was so keen to help us that he removed the algae formed from the damp in the room off the side of the wall in the bedroom. We made sure that the surface onto which the built in cupboards are going to be mounted was clean from nails.

Installing the first 450mm built in cupboard unit
installing the first 450mm built in cupboard unit

When you install built in cupboards it's important to work from the corner away to the end of the row bic's. The reason for that is so that you can determine the width of the side filler that's going to go between the side of the cupboard and the wall. It's also easier to move the cupboards in place if there's not adjusting that must be done. Remember that built in cupboards are tall and heavy and apart from that they're also very uncomfortable to move because you can't drag it on the ground as easily as a kitchen cupboard. Now don't get me wrong you shouldn't even drag your kitchen cabinets around if you want to move them. You have to pick it up and carry it. It helps allot if you're 2 people doing it so get a helper if you can. Building a kitchen or built in cupboards can really be a back killer.

Just a quick tip : If you're going to build and install your own built in cupboards make sure you use your legs to pick the cabinets up not your back. E.g., use the squat position when picking heavy cabinets up.

Assembling the 1000mm built in cupboard unit
assembling the 1000mm built in cupboard unit

Oh look there's me assembling a built in cupboard. Mind the hairdo it's been a busy month and there was no time for a hair cut. In the background is one of our faithful workers. Hard to find those in anywhere but if you do hang on to them.

The cupboards I installed here were diy bedroom cupboards that worked with the cam and dowel system. What makes our diy system so supreme is the fact that the metal dowel screws into the sides of the cupboard. With the more common diy system the dowel is also made of metal but it has a plastic fitting over the metal that expands into the side built in cupboards panel when the cam is turned. The problems I've encountered when I use to use that system was that when I tightened the cam the plastic would expand to much and break through the side panel.

Installing the 1000mm built in cupboard unit
installing the 1000mm built in cupboard unit

After the 1000mm built in cupboard has been assembled and the 100mm adjustable legs have been mounted to the bottom of the cupboard you can put the unit in place. Remember not to roll the unit while you erect it. Pick it up into a upright position without the legs touching the ground and put in down on it's legs. If the cupboard needs to be positioned again you will have to follow the same directions as above. Try to get the first built in cupboard as level as possible. If you do this you can just line the other cupboards up with that one. If you don't you will have to level each one individually and that can become quite time consuming. Specially with bic's because they are so heavy and that makes it difficult to adjust the PVC legs.

Installing the 2nd 1000mm built in cupboard unit
installing the 2nd 1000mm built in cupboard unit

After you've assembled and installed the one 1000mm built in cupboards you can follow the same procedure with the other 1000mm cupboard. Behind me you will see a long aluminium object called a straight edge. This is used to make sure all the built in cupboard units are perfectly lined up with one another. To use it you can palce it on top of the row units and adjust the units untill they are flush with the straight edge. Once you've done all that you're more than half way with you built in cupboard project.

Then it's time for a break. When I take a break it gives me time to collect my thoughts and see where I am with the project as well as what can I spot that needs to be adjusted.

Built in cupboard's hinge
built in cupboard hinges

Once you have putt all the cupboards in place you can start fitting the hinges onto the doors. Our doors are pre-drilled for the hinges so there's no struggling to align the cabinet hinges up with one another. All you have to do is position the hinge in place an hammer it. Don't use a claw hammer as this will damage the hinge. A mallet will do the trick perfectly. There are two parts to the cabinet hinge. The bigger part is called the hinge and the smaller part is called the hinge plate. The hinge plate is the part that gets mounted onto the carcass. Our hinge plates have 5mm screws that are use to fix the hinge to the cupboards side panel. Each diy cupboard of ours have pre-drilled holes of 5mm that are used to fix the hinge plate onto the cupboard. This gives the hinge more grip and strength onto the carcass and lines all the doors up more accurately without any effort.

Adjust the built in cupboard's doors
adjusting the built in cupboard's doors

Adjusting the built in cupboard's doors can be quite tricky. To align the bottom of the cupboard with the bottom of the door you can either place a plank phlush with the bottom under the cupboard or rest the door on one of the adjustable PVC legs. All our hinges of our diy cupboards line up perfectly with the holes that were drilled for them so the doors of our diy units are almost perfectly lined up when fitted to mthe carcass. This might sound like it's a small thing but if you've never fitted doors to a cupboard and attempt it you'll wish you had a pre-drilled system like ours.

After the doors are on you can fit the handles, side panels, fillers and kickplate of the built in cupboard and then you're done. And that's how we install our client's built in cupboards.

Article written by

DIf you would like a quote on built in cupboards and stay in Cape Town or

Johannesburg drop us a mail.

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