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3D Kitchen Designs Services

Why not make use of our 3D designs services. Wether you want a quotation for bedroom cupboards, kitchen cupboards or a bathroom renovation we supply 3D designs, floor plan layouts and 2D views with all our quotations.

Our 3D kitchen designs services helps our clients to see what their cupboards will look like before they are prepared to spend allot of money on it.

We also have a high-gloss feature that allows us to create full kitchen designs, bedroom cupboards designs or bathroom designs in supper high-gloss.

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Having a bathroom in your home is a necessity, but having more than one bathroom in your home is a luxury. In today's fast paced lifestyle of being able to live how you want with surrounding ourselves with beautiful things, we need to make sure our bathrooms demonstrate this quality in our homes as well.Matching your bathroom with your bedroom is the norm these days and finishes off your bedroom perfectly. Your family bathroom is a focal point of your home, being that nearly every guest you'll have will visit this particular room. So it goes without saying that some remodeling, adding some extras and making your bathroom look and feel comfortable and attractive is a must.


Planning a bathroom you'll need to take the following into consideration: Is there an elderly person living in the home, do you have young children?For the elderly and young children safety will play a very important roll in the remodeling of your existing or new bathroom. Safety rails, such as non-slip and grab rails are very useful if there is an elderly person living in your home. Having children around will mean having all your medicines and cleaning materials packed away into a lockable cupboard. Refrain from planning any sharp corners in the bathroom and have locks added to windows for the children's safety.For general purposes you will want to consider choosing the right taps that can be easily managed, especially with soapy hands. Also, choosing the right tap system is important as with children you will need to easily control temperatures to avoid being exposed to extreme temperatures and thus avoiding nasty accidents.


Before decorating your bathroom you will need to consider a few things, such as the space availability in the room and how many people might be sharing at one time. Clear spaces are very important and make for ease of use.For small children it will be a good idea to have a chair in the bathroom to allow for hard to reach places like the wash basin. You could also have the chair there for sitting of course and a place to lay things down, like a towel.Depending on the size of your bathroom you could have a twin basin installed for the sharing moments and a shower along with the bath will make for quicker bathroom session.With children you will need to remember that privacy is an important factor to them and if possible a form of screening around the WC will aid in their privacy.If your home is larger than the average then having the only WC available in the bathroom will not suffice and you may want to consider adding on a separate WC on its own for when the bathroom is occupied.


When planning the colour scheme of your bathroom you must take into consideration the following; who will be using the bathroom?A children's bathroom should be colorful and simple. Using childish themes is a great idea, but remember your children are growing up so if try not to make the permanent fixtures childish, but rather the accessories such as a replaceable shower curtain.An adult's bathroom should have the clean and simple feel and will match your personality. When combining the two demographics it is best to keep it simple, but with bright colours and removable accessories that can be changed at any time.Ceramic tiles or a paint finish are best for walls as walls are hardly touched and sheet vinyl is the most serviceable covering for the floor as this surface is frequently used and will need to last.Mirrors are great accessories and create the illusion of a larger bathroom. Little luxuries to have is a mounted hair dryer near a mirror as well as a heated towel rail.

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