Ashwood veneer kitchen cupboards
with solid Mahogany countertops

Ashwood veneer kitchen cupboards with solid Mahogany countertops

bedroom cupboards
kitchen cabinet handles
ashwood veneer kitchen cupboards with solid mahogany counter tops
franke sinks and mixers
kitchen appliances
Summery of this kitchen

> Kitchen finished in Ashwood 
> Solid Mahogany counters
> 600mm kitchen bar handles.
> 2mm impact edging on doors.
> 13 kitchen units used here.
> Cost +- R50000
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Kitchen Comments

The kitchen cupboards on 
the left was built with ashwood 
veneer chipboard and fitted with 
solid mahogany countertops.
 What made this kitchen look
really great was the bulkhead 
on top of the wall units and tall
cupboard. The floating shelves
next to the extractor helped to 
break that plain look and open 
shelf end wall unit creates
the ideal to finish the ends
off and very useful for packing
or displaying ornaments.
ashwood veneer floating shelves
Floating shelves in kitchens

Floating shelves are used to display items and also leaves a modern look in kitchens. The ashwood veneer floating shelves in the picture on the left are 44mm thick. The self mounting mechanism supplied with the shelves makes it really easy to install and also allows for accuracy.

franke sink in solid mahogany countertop

The sink we used in this kitchen is a 1 and 3/4 Franke sink.The mixer tap was installed on the solid mahogany couner top to leave a more modern finish. This is only recomended when the top is 700mm deep. If the standard 600mm counter worktop is used it will not be deep enough and there will be very little space to mount the mixer.

Integrated washing machine

The integrated cupboard units can be used for washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers and even small bar fridges in the kitchen. The kitchen counter top is also 100mm deeper and creates more space to work on. The cupboard doors infront of the appliace runs down to the floor.

Wicker baskets in DIY kitchen cabinet

The wicker baskets are used for vegetables, fruit and other items that needs to be exposed to fresh air. Our wicker basket units are fitted with heavy duty runners. The kitchen cupboard size for wicker baskets are from 450mm upto 600mm wide but custom sizes can also be made.