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Kitchen renovation Kitchen renovation
How did we create more SPACE?
1. Added Extra Wall Units For Packing

2. Added Microwave Unit

3. Added Bookshelf Wall Unit

4. Added Aluminium Doors With Frosted Glass Wall Units

5. Added End Display Wall Unit

6. Built Fridge Casing With Wall Unit
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Before we renovated this little kitchen our client ask us how she could create more packing space and utilize the kitchen better. We simply said "Add more wall units". Simple as that. So we added a bookshelf, microwave unit, two aluminium glass door units, a fridge wall unit and a wall unit that will cover the ugly electrical DV board while at the same time can be used to pack items in.

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Kitchen Renovations Tips
When wanting to increase the value of your home and its resale value you won't go wrong when deciding on renovating your kitchen, it is one of the best investments you can make. The kitchen is the heart of your home and it is one of the most used rooms in your home, so renovating your kitchen will definitely improve the everyday use of this room and make the daily routines of your family much easier all round.

So now comes the big question, how do I maximize the resale value of my home by renovating my kitchen?

First off you will need to get a plumber into your kitchen. The kitchen's plumbing system is very technical and can be quite complex so if you do not have the experience in the plumbing field, get a plumber in there. You will minimize costing expenses by getting advice from the plumber about which parts you should purchase and not wasting your time and money by purchasing the wrong parts, which might look gorgeous, but could end up being impractical in your kitchen. To get the job done right, get the right person in to do the job, hire a professional plumber from a reputable plumbing company. These guys will not only be able to do the plumbing, but will also be able to install fixtures and appliances to get the plumbing working properly.

If your cabinets are wood, then stain them a different color to give your kitchen a makeover. If you've decided on painting your walls then I suggest you go with a yellow or green, it will make the room appear larger. White is the more popular and safer choice. Make sure the paint color fits in with the rest of your kitchen coloring.

Now for the kitchen countertops, replacing them will enhance your whole kitchen. You can choose between solid woods or stones such as granite. When going with a stone countertop, try edging it with a wooden edge. When using a wooden countertop, edge it with stainless steel or chrome. These two choices will make for a good addition to your new kitchen look.

Adding a kitchen island will enhance your kitchen and make sure you have the same look as your counter tops. Your kitchen's transformation is almost complete.

Your kitchen cabinets are next on the list and choosing the right one won't be difficult. Deep color wood stains are popular, e.g. cherry or rosewood. Pine or oak should have a light finish. Instead of using wooden doors to close your cabinets, why not try glass doors. Not only do glass doors give the appearance of more space, but it also allows for display purposes, such as that set silverware you inherited from your great aunt.

The lighting in your kitchen is important and more is better. Under cabinet lighting, overhead lighting above your kitchen island is also a good idea for a brighter kitchen.

Stainless steel or chrome appliances are the more popular choices for your newly renovated kitchen and will add a look of elegance to your kitchen.
When renovating your kitchen, stay within your budget and don't overdo the details of your kitchen, keep it simple, yet stylish. A user friendly and beautifully designed kitchen will maximize the resale value of your home.

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